Sharks and Real Estate

By Stephanie Diana Wilson- Gast


Personally I have always loved “Shark Week”, on the discovery channel.  They are beautiful and misunderstood creatures.  Being a native Californian and living most of my life in the San Francisco bay area sharks are a relatively common concern.  As a child I loved the Shark exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and the display of adolescent aged Great White Shark teeth from a shark caught off the coast of Santa Cruz.  Or when they have an exhibit on the Great Whites they used to catch from the wild to study.  There is a great article on this breed of shark on the Monterey Bay Aquarium site at  Oh and the Shark Experience at Vallejo’s 6 flags Marine World is fun for all ages.  And it is a relativley common sight to see Sharks eating seals in San Francisco,  We even have Killer Whales that have been recorded attacking and killing great whites in the San Francisco Bay.  In Southern California locals are used to news and weather reports that include shark warnings.  


You may be reading about my love of local Sharks (which includes the San Jose Sharks hockey team), and wondering what does any of this have to do with Condos and real Estate?  Well, California is always in a boom for housing and the state is its own Condo Land.  So, is Hawaii which is a popular place to buy condos as well if only for a second home.  

Both Hawaii and California are known for their sharks and shark attacks which does not deter home or Condo sales.  However, with Florida finally starting to come out of the real estate slump it has been in since the 2008 financial crash and the news regarding Florida revolving around the recent gator attack, an enormous gator on a golf course and the recent shooting in Orlando.  (Our Hearts are with those mourning loved ones in Orlando). I have to say honestly it is a common to get an appraisal that has a gator on the patio and a note saying there were no pictures on the patio because of a gator. What we don’t hear about is the fact that Florida is home to the most amount of sharks in the country.  

This includes Bull Sharks which live in fresh and salt water.  Bull Sharks are known for being extremely violent.


The National Geographic website posted a map on showing that the most shark attacks happen on the South East Coast and Gulf of Mexico which both waters boarder Florida.  


Also currently in the news in Texas off the Gulf Coast they are suffering from a Flesh eating bacteria that is being found in their sea water.   And although Shark attacks are not as common in Texas they are home to Great Whites.  I guess everything’s bigger in Texas.  
I could get onto a soap box and note that over fishing and pollution are driving these once thought to be deep sea sharks.  Though I believe there is a way to fix the environment to help these creatures go back to their natural habitats and not be on our beaches so much that America has a rich tradition of Shark Attack movies.  However, that is a conversation for another day.  Today being the first day of Shark week I encourage everyone to learn about these wonderful creatures and respect that when we buy homes on the beach we are paying to look out into their homes.  Respect should be given to these creatures and caution to those who live near them.  



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