“Business Meetings in Real Estate: A Fun Reason for Management to Get Paid To Go Out and About Town”

March 27, 2014

By: Stephanie Diana Wilson

The Real Estate industry especially at the Operations (Underwriting, Processing, Funding, Post Closing, Management, ext.) is becoming increasingly less like the “good old boys” club that it has been in the past and more diverse in gender.  After working for over five years in a more Operations field of Mortgage it is becoming more and more of a women’s world.  It’s not at a point where we have a “Good old girls club”, nor has it done away with the boys club that is the financial world but, we’re getting closer.  And in that spirit I have noticed that there is a slight change in how we “grease the wheels” in this industry.  Meaning that the “Business meetings” and golf games where so much business is conducted is changing.  And with it the industry must find new things to do to spend time during business deals. 

The golf games with the boss might be a bit antiquated; however, you don’t have to feel like you need to kiss up to your boss in a setting like a beauty solon or other bad clichés.  So, to adapt creativity is in order.  Here in San Francisco bay area we have a plethora of places to take clients, bosses, ext. to win them over.   I would say that a great way to grease the wheels in a semi social environment the doubles as a way to work a client, boss, ext. into good mood while also encouraging relaxation is to go to the spa.  Now many of you might be freaking out thinking “OMG I don’t want to be naked with my boss.  They already know where the bodies are buried in the company they don’t need to see how mine looks in a towel”.   Now this is a common misconception.  Many spas have five star dinning attached or wineries.  Also you can opt to get foot massages or do moderate back rubs with clothing on.  Also you can do a wide variety of other activities at a spa that allow for wearing a swim suit or workout clothes.  An activity such as this would help you look genuine in your boss’ eyes and savvy to the stress levels that are common to those who wear the horns of power.

If that is a bit more intimate than you would like to be with your boss there are always wineries in Napa and branches of wineries in San Francisco that can help lubricate conversation.  Now before you think that is just trying to get your boss drunk well…. First off many in the financial industry drink, I speak as the usual DD (designated driver) who orders the Shirley Temples and gets laughed at for it.    Also there is more to wineries than drinking.  Many have some of the best restaurants creating foods and matching them with the appropriate wines to go with said food.  This can help you seem more affluent and refined.  Thus helping you stand out as a well-mannered person they may want with them the next time they need to entertain a high ranking client. 

When all else fails and golf among other competitive sports like activities are not you or your boss’ thing I recommend going up to Rohnert Park or within the city and stop at the new casino.  There is tons of shopping, casual and upscale restaurants, night clubs ext.  This helps show you know the area and that you don’t have to follow the crowd you know where the good time is.


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